Know your past, present and future through the ancient and vedic study of thumb impressions done on a palm leaf by Shri Agasthiya Maharishi. The Predictions done through this study range from that on education, jobs, business, family, marriage, children, property, health to wealth.The Study of the thumb impression revels many untouched and unknown aspects of a person and his family.
It tell you much more than a vedic astrologer can share.

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About Maharishi

Our ancient siddha’s had left a lots of surprising things to us. Now a days we are been using paper made books which will be destroyed within few years. But in Ancient periods, Siddha’s used palm leafs(OLAI SUVADI) which is there till now without any problem.

The 18 siddhas like Agasthiyar, Idaikadar, Sattai Nathar, Pathanjali, Konganar, Kuthambai Siddhar, Kamalamuni, Vanmikar, Pambatti Siddhar, Sundharanadar, Sivavakkiyar, Karuvurar, Thanvanthiri, Macha Muni, Korakkar, Boghar, Thirumoolar, Ramadevar who lived with peoples in ancient periods, had 8 powers like Anima, Mahima, Lahima, Karima, Prapthy, Pragashiyam, Eshathuvam, Vashithuvam. Using these powers they were able to know about future by their spiritual knowledge(Gyan) which they had written in the palm leaf which will be useful to peoples. They had enormous knowledge in medicine, scientific & Geographical changes, luck, spirituality etc. By these Techniques, they had ageless life or life longevity.

In various palm leafs, they had written about medicine, Astrology, mantra’s in mudhu nool, peru nool, agasthiyar treatment, boghar treatment etc., Whatever written in the palm leafs about future is surprising. They wrote in the palm leaf using a nail type thing called ezhuthani which shows their talent & power of the 18 siddhas. It makes us to be proud as a Indian & Tamilian as it’s a proof of their powerful life which they lived.