History of Nadi Astrology

History Of Naadi Astrology

By the power of the Agasthiyar Maharishi, who he was the senior of the 18 siddhas had research about human life and predicted their birth according to their karmic debit with the identification of their thumb impression like top , middle and low lines by which they will have a life as high class or low class by performing certain remedies they can change their sufferings and fulfill their needs as per the leaf.

The origin of the nadi inscriptions can be traced back to approximately 800 decades ago. It is said that the ancient Indian sapta rishi’s and 18 siddas had written the life patterns of each person on palm leafs by their Yogic instutive powers with blessings of Lord shiva. These unique leafs were initially kept in the saraswathi mahal library in tanjore city of tamil nadu state in India.

Later during the mughalayar period, they sold these leafs. The people who knows the value and importance were very much interested in gathering them. Who they were the people belonging to a particular sector called the valluvar community of south India who specialized in astrology kept safe these all leafs in vaidheeswaran temple in tanjore near trichy, tamilnadu, a state of India.

The primary center for Nadi Shastra is in Vaidheeswaran temple, in tanjore, 250 kms from Chennai, tamil nadu, a state in south India. Here Lord shiva is said to have assumed the role of a vaidhya or doctor, who alleviated the miseries of his devotees.